My Guns N' Roses Bootlegs Trade List
Here's what I have to trade!!


    LIVE - Cd's




    DVD's                        green = pro shot bootleg

    Guns N Roses
    1.18.86 The Roxy (audience-shot | B-)
    1.18.86 The Roxy 2 dvds (audience-shot | B+)
    11.03.86 Music Machine, Los Angeles, CA (pro-shot | B- B+) 
    11/07/86 -The Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA (audience shot | B- B-)
    10/30/87 Live at CBGB's (audience-shot | B+)
    04.08.88 Philadelphia Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA  (pro-shot | B-)
    15.12.88 Entertainment Center, Melbourne, Australia 
    (pro-shot | B-)
    02.02.88 The Ritz, New York, NY - MTV special (pro-shot | A-)
    1988 Live at the Felt Forum - 2 dvd set (audience-shot | A-)
    20.01.91 Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (pro-shot | A-) 
    29.05.91 Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, Indianapolis (pro-shot | B+)
    03.06.92 Ireland - (audience shot | C-)
    03.06.92 Hanover Germany - 2 dvd set (audience shot | C-)
    02.07.91 Riverport Amphitheatre, {St Louis Riot} (pro-shot | A-) 
    09.04.92 Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, IL (pro-shot | A-) 
    06.06.92 Hypodrome de Vincennes, Paris, France (pro-shot | A-)
    02.12.92 Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile (pro-shot | A-)
    15.01.01  Barra de Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  2 dvds (pro-shot | A-)
    6/2/06 Live at Rock AM Ring (pro-shot | A-)
    06.30.06 ROCK IN RIO Lisboa 2006 (pro-shot | A-)

    "It's so easy" - Promo video original- (pro-shot | A-)

    See the Pro-shot GnR dvd guide


    Metallica bootleg 
    13/02/87 - Metallica Gothenburg, Sweden - UPGRADE VERSION! Audience shot 2 dvd discs Video Quality B+ Audio Quality A (soundboard) This has no guns n roses on it at all but I think many GnR fans might like this also. (A Great Old Show)


    DEMOS bootlegs

    Alan Niven Demos/live stuff - GREAT QUALITY

  copies of CD's and DVDs I don't have Preferably Pro recordings. 
    Please check my Trade List below to see if you want to trade!    

I will trade copies for discs that I don't have, on occasions.
I am only looking for Top Quality shows or Demos, not crappy recordings,
you can't hear,
click here to view my want list...

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