Guns N' Roses - Banned parental advisory sticker
Guns n Roses Use Your Illusion Warning Sticker Banned IN THE USA


  • These stickers were stuck on the outside of the plastic on the first pressings of Use Your Illusion 1&2-  LP's, cassettes, and CD long boxes. This was the bands response to the industry forcing artists to put warning stickers on edgy lyrical music that some people might find offensive. The sticker itself was banned shortly after, and was replaced with the traditional Parental Advisory Sticker.
  • Here is what the stickers says:
    "This album contains language which some listeners may find objectionable. They can F?!* OFF and buy something from the New Age section"

  • Many of these were thrown away because they were on the outside of the plastic and were thrown away after the cd was opened.


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