Alan Niven Live GnR Recordings
Guns N Roses Manager 1986-1991
Very, very, few of these Demos CD's were sold on ebay! March- April - 2006 .

Alan Niven CD Recordings

  1. "JUMPIN AX FLASH"  - appetite demos

  2. "Cornshucker"  - lies demos

  3. "Live at the Marquee"  - 1986

  4. "UNDER MY HEAL"  - demo and live

Bonus Bootlegs - Alan Niven recordings not signed

  • "Live at the Marquee"   - 1986 ( REMIX made by fans, sounds great )
  •  UYI demos - Instrumentals

    ALAN NIVEN MANAGER OF GUNS N ROSES 1986-1991; songwriter, producer and manager of Great White apparently turned loose some of his guns n roses rare demos and live recordings on ebay, and apparently autographed every copy personally, REMEMBER I said apparently. I can neither confirm or deny this, however I have heard all  4 and the sound is TOP quality, and some of the cd's are one long track which leads me to believe they did come straight from old demos live uncut,  however they are cd-r's.

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